30ml GLASS BABY FEEDING BOTTLE- For fruit puree and medicine

Short Description:

Premium glass feeding bottle

HOLLANDABABY temperature resistant glass feeding bottle is made of high temperature resistant high-quality glass, which is convenient for daily use. The 30ml bottle size is perfect for newborns.


Easy to clean

Duckbill cover for medicine

Color:  Yellow; Pink; Any custom colors

Material:  Borosilicate Glass

Size:  30ml

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Product Description

The ideal teat for breast milk and formula - perfect for newborns

30ml bottle - suitable for the first feeding of a newborn

Convenient for babies in the middle and large months to suck juice or use the duckbill cover to feed the baby

Flat, soft nipple – just like a mother's breast when breastfeeding

The high temperature resistant glass feeding bottle made of borosilicate can withstand high temperature up to 300°C and minimum -30°C.


Dust cover
Prevents dust from entering and milk overflow; doubles as a measuring cup

Super soft silicone pacifier
Silky soft silicone surface - for a familiar feel
The raw material is Shin-Etsu silica gel, the lowest softness can reach 20 degrees, and the highest hardness can reach 70 degrees

Small bottle bod
The small bottle body is easy to carry, just throw it in the bag without taking up space
Small bottle for easier cleaning

Duckbill cover
The duckbill cover can help the baby to take medicine. The unique shape and structure of the duckbill cover will make the bottle form a natural flow and help the baby to take medicine, etc.


Support color box custom packaging

Sold in a package, with duckbill cover included

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