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Easily switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding


Age:0-12 Month


Caliber: 50mm

Package:Single-pack & Double-pack

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HOLLANDBABY bionic teat is similar in shape to breast milk, at the same time coupled with the internal helical structure, making your baby so familiar when bottle-feeding.

The raw material is made of Shin-Etsu liquid silica gel imported from Japan. From 20 degrees of softness to 70 degrees of hardness, we can customize according to your needs.

Double vent structure - balance the internal and external pressure, solve the difficulty of breastfeeding the baby, and avoid the inhalation of excess air to the greatest extent.

0-3MonthNewborn baby
In the newborn stage, the baby's intake of breast milk is small, so at 0-3 months, we need to strictly control the flow of the pacifier to prevent the baby from choking during the process of loving. Combined with the data of dozens of countries and regions, we design the flow rate of this month age to be 11±4 ml/min.

In the stage after 3 months, the baby's food intake will increase, and the esophagus and cardiopulmonary function are also strengthened. Therefore, at 3-6 months, we need to expand the flow of the teat to meet the baby's more milk demand. Averaging multiple sets of data, we design the flow rate for this month to be 20±5 ml/min.

In the stage after 6 months, babies need to reduce the dependence on breast milk and exercise the ability to drink milk independently. Therefore, at 6 months, we expanded the range of pacifier flow to adapt to the growth and changes of the baby's food intake. In the end, referring to multinational standards, we designed the flow rate for 6+ months to be 40±10 ml/min.

Quality and Safety

Food grade liquid silica gel, free of BPA and BPS

Baby is highly receptive

Extremely soft like skin

Packing & Shipping

Single-pack: Colored carton or transparent PVC heat sealing

Double-pack: Colored carton or transparent PVC heat sealing

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