How to choose bottles for newborns 0-6 months? Four kinds of material bottles have their own advantages.

Take the four different materials of feeding bottles for example: PPSU, glass, Tritan, PP for example (samples from HOLLANDBABY), every material has its own advantages, and customers can choose according to their specific needs.

1.PPSU bottle: The main material is Polyphenylene sulfone resins, an amorphous material, which is resistant to hydrolysis, non-toxic, high temperature steam sterilization, high transparency, and good dimensional stability.

2. PP bottle: the main material is polypropylene, with good mechanical properties and heat resistance, lightweight and drop-resistant, easy to clean, safe and reliable products, transparent appearance.

3.Tritan bottle: the main material is co-polyester, easy to clean, strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, good fluidity, no bisphenol A (BPA), chemically stable.

4. Glass bottles: the main material is borosilicate glass, material safety does not contain carcinogenic substances bisphenol A (BPA), high transparency.

How to choose bottles for newborns 0-6 months Four kinds of material bottles have their own advantages.


In the four categories of bottles, PPSU, PP and Tritan three materials are plastic, compared with glass bottles, the bottle body is lighter and more resistant to falls. However, in terms of heat resistance, abrasion resistance, strength and ease of cleaning, glass bottles are more heat resistant, more abrasion resistant and easier to clean.

Three plastic materials: PPSU, PP and Tritan, the commonality is that they are all light and break-resistant. However, there are certain differences as follows:

Tritan material is the designated material for baby products in Europe and America. Clear and transparent BPA-free, with impact strength comparable to PC, no ink printing, safer.

In terms of heat resistance, the maximum heat resistance of PPSU bottles is 180°C, while the heat resistance of Tritan and PP bottles is no higher than 120°C. The recommended boiling time is no more than 10 seconds.

The biggest advantage of the PP bottle is that the bottle is quite light and not easy to break.

HOLLANDBABY has a strong R&D team and production workshop, equipped with advanced automatic production equipment imported from Germany and all imported raw materials. We have many years of experience and insights in the manufacture of the above four materials, and constantly innovate the production process to produce industry-leading high-quality products for our customers.

Post time: May-09-2022