Polypropolene (PP) is the material most baby bottles are made from! These bottles are very safe & toxin free so perfect for your little one. They are ergonomic, lightweight and crucially our cheapest option in the range. HOLLANDBABY PP feeding bottles are sturdy enough to withstand standard bottle cleaning methods however they cannot withstand high temperatures. The PP  bottle is not as durable as the PPSU and will lose it's luster with frequent use. (we recommend replacing them at the first sign of weakness.) For this reason, we recommend PP for light use only.



PPSU stands for Polyphenylsulfone, the safest & most durable material for baby bottles. PPSU is a medical-grade plastic that's naturally honey-toned and incredibly hard-wearing. Again, it’s a very safe plastic and is the 'gold standard' when it comes to baby bottles. PPSU is lightweight and temperature resistant up to 180 degrees celsius without any deformation or release of toxic substances.(that’s peace of mind right there) by selecting PPSU bottles for your baby, you can be confident you’ve chosen a bottle that’s nontoxic, lead-free, ergonomic, easy to clean, and will stand the test of time!

Our PPSU feeding bottles are dependable and durable with all the qualities of glass except the breakability! (nothing but the best for your little bundle)! PPSU is perfect for high levels of usage (think of all those night time feeds).



You may notice PPSU is slightly more expensive. This is simply because they’re a lot more costly to manufacture and built to last (which ultimately means value for money right?) If you’re looking for peace of mind for your family and a bottle that will last and last, even for baby number 2, 3 or perhaps 4, then the PPSU bottles are the ones you need. That’s right, they’re all round amazing and a great choice for your growing family!


The differences between the PP & the PPSU bottles may seem small, but understanding them could save you time & money! Ultimately only you can decide what’s going to be best for your family. Your baby’s health and safety are our priority as much as yours, which is why we only offer the safest baby bottles money can buy, PPSU & PP, packaged on their own or in bundles, so as to suit all budgets.

Post time: Jan-03-2023