What Are The Best Toys For Two-Year-Olds?

Congratulations! Your tot is turning two and you’re now officially out of baby territory. What do you buy for a toddler who has (almost) everything? Are you looking for a gift idea or simply curious about what benefits there are to certain toys? We’ve found the best toys for two-year-olds.

What are the best toys for two-year-olds?

By two, you’ll probably notice your baby has become more assertive. However, you may find they’re often torn between a want to do things independently and needing your help.

Their language skills are improving, and they can definitely make their wants and needs known, speaking in simple sentences. They’ve also developed a little imagination and can form images in their minds. You might want to invest in some educational toys or learning toys. These will help your tot develop confidence and dexterity.

 How to choose the best toys?

According to child development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer from The Good Play Guide, toys are very beneficial to toddler development. The Good Play Guide are a team of passionate expert professionals who research, test and share their knowledge about popular toys on the market, selecting the toys that are best in terms of child development.

“Toys have two main functions for young children. Stimulating the child and encouraging them to play and explore their environment as well as developing skills such as fine motor skills, concentration and communication. Also, to make the adults around the child more playful and likely to engage positively with the young child. This further promotes healthy development, thus strengthening attachment.”

In terms of the best kind of toys to buy a two-year-old, Dr Amanda thinks games that a toddler can play both individually and with other children are the best. “Children move from playing alongside other children with minimal interaction to playing with them. This can mean competing with them or collaborating with them. So, play sets that they can play with alone and with friends are great, as are simple board games and toys that increase children’s confidence with numbers and letters are good to introduce around this age,” Dr Amanda says.


Post time: Jun-05-2023