Non-slip two-color Bottle handles

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Handles for HOLLAND BABY bottles and Trainer


6 + month

Color:  Blue+Brown;  Purple+Yellow;  Any two custom colors

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Exercise baby's independent grasping ability. The non-slip handle is ergonomic and designed for baby's small hands.

Solve the problem that the baby can't hold the bottle.

Slim design - perfect for baby's small hands.

Anti-slip structure on the inside for a good grip in the baby's hand.

Fits all HOLLANDBABY bottles (except 30ml Glass Bottle) and Trainers.

Quality & Safety

All HOLLANDBABY raw materials are free of Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS)

Korean imported PP raw material
The PP part of the HOLLANDABABY handle comes from high-transparency food medical grade PP plastic from Hanwha Total Petrochemical. This kind of raw material has higher transparency, more low temperature resistance, not easy to deform in low temperature environment, good gloss and stronger toughness.

Customize your TPE softness
TPE can be divided into three different degree: soft, medium and hard, which can customize the hardness according to customers’needs.
TPE products have the excellent properties of traditional rubber such as high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to the touch and beautiful in appearance, making the products more creative. Therefore, it is also a more humanized and high-grade new synthetic material, and it is also a world-standard environmental protection material.

For babies over 6 months

Packing & Shipping

HOLLANDA BABY's Non-Slip Handles can be sold individually packaged or shipped with the bottle in the bottle's box.

The packaging methods of the handle are: blister heat sealing packaging and carton packaging.

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