What You Need To Know If Your Baby’s Feet Seem Like They’re Always Cold

Are you the type of person who is always cold? No matter what you just can’t ever seen to get warm. So you spend a lot of time wrapped up in blankets or wearing socks. It may be kind of annoying, but we learn to deal with it as adults. But when it’s your baby, naturally you’re going to worry about it. If your baby’s feet are always cold, fear not. More often than not, it’s not anything to worry about. Of course, it’s still scary, but it’s actually quite easy to work with.

If your baby’s feet are cold, it almost always has to do with circulation. But it’s not always something that’s a cause for worry. Little babies are still developing. And that doesn’t just mean the stuff you can see. Their circulatory system is still growing and developing. As it develops, it takes a little more time to work. Oftentimes, that means that their extremities, like their little hands and feet will be cold. It just takes a longer time for the blood to get there. Chances are, there is nothing more serious wrong with them. But of course, that doesn’t make it any less troublesome. We’re still parents who worry.

According to an article from Parents, “It can take up to three months for his circulation to adapt completely to life outside the womb.” Surely, that is something we would never take into consideration. They go on to add that as long as your little one’s torso is warm, they’re okay. So if you’re ever worrying about their cold feet, then a quick check of their cute little belly will be a good indicator.


Again, the chances of anything being seriously wrong are there, but not likely. It pretty much all ties back to the circulatory system. Parents notes, “blood is shunted more often to vital organs and systems, where it’s needed most. His hands and feet are the last body parts to get a good blood supply.” The delay can absolutely cause their feet to turn purple. If their feet turn purple though, it’s worth checking to make sure nothing is wrapped around their toes or ankles, like a hair, bracelet or loose thread. That will surely cut off the circulation, and if not caught can do lasting damage.

In an article from Romper, Daniel Ganjian, M.D. explains that purple feet are not a sole indicator of a larger problem. “As long as the child is not blue or cold in other places” such as the face, lips, tongue, chest — then cold feet are completely harmless,” he explains. If the baby is blue or cold in those other places, it could be an indicator of heart or lung function, or maybe the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen. So, should that ever pop up, absolutely take them in to the doctor.


If baby’s feet are always cold, try to keep socks on them if you. Easier said than done of course. But as they become more active, their circulation will begin to improve and you won’t have to worry anymore.

Post time: Aug-09-2023