Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

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 BPS and BPA Free

 Innovative 360° gravity straw allows for multi-angle drinking

 Integrated anti-leak valve & flip top design ensure NO leaks and spills

 Easy to use, clean and assemble

 Suitable for 6 months +

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Easy to use, clean and assemble (Dishwasher safe),Easy To Open design.

Trainer Cup1
Trainer Cup2

V-Valve, Anti-colic air system prevents unwanted air and reduces colicSpill Proof: Smile-type valve straw can automatically open and close according to the baby's sucking, effectively preventing water from overflowing. Even upside down, the smile-type valve straw can effectively prevent water leakage.

360° Drink: The straw cup is equipped with a gravity ball, baby can drink water smoothly no matter what angle the baby flips the cup.

Trainer Cup3
Trainer Cup4

Anti-colic: There are air holes on the top of the cup lid, which can keep the air pressure inside and outside the cup balanced when the baby is drinking water, preventing stomach colic.

360° NO LEAK. Bottom’s up! Or down or sideways.

Trainer Cup5
Trainer Cup6
Trainer Cup7
Trainer Cup8

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